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Sample Analysis of the Design of the "Airborne" Crystal Chandelier (2)

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Author : Rise Lighting Amy
Update time : 2023-07-20 09:16:30
2. Production of 3D computer renderings

After determining the creative concept, it is necessary to use Rhinoceros and 3ds Max software to create a three-dimensional effect on the computer. The three-dimensional effect diagram can intuitively express the designer's understanding of the design scheme, and simulate the overall shape, spatial structure, details, materials, colors, and lighting from all aspects. Facilitate design communication and proposal between designers and clients.

3. Production of Auto CAD dimensional drawings for lighting fixtures

In the comparison stage, the main task is to use Auto CAD software to create dimensional drawings of lighting fixtures, including three views, perspective views, part drawings, cross-sectional views, material order lists, etc. The overall shape size and component details are annotated with true dimensions 1:1; It also includes the setting of the installation position of the parts, the punching position of the crystal hanging string of the ceiling panel lampshade, the arrangement length of the Crystal ball, etc.

4. Lighting design sampling stage

After the production of the lamp size diagram is completed, the next step is to carry out the sampling of the lamp, which is the most important stage and requires a lot of financial, material, human, and time resources.

A detailed time schedule needs to be developed for lighting fixture sampling to complete the corresponding sampling work within the specified time period.

After the "Airborne" 3D renderings and Auto CAD dimensional drawings are made, the preliminary work of proofing is that the design team prints the renderings and dimensional drawings, collectively discusses what materials are used in the design scheme, and formulates a detailed Bill of materials.

The 'Airborne' is a ceiling mounted chandelier, with specific materials to be customized and purchased including ceiling panels, 6 umbrella shaped lampshade bent brackets, 6 large umbrella shaped lampshades, 6 small umbrella shaped lampshades, 12 G4 bulbs, transformers, and connecting wires.

After discussion, it has been preliminarily determined that four different materials can be selected for the umbrella shaped lampshade, including ceramic, metal, plastic, and glass. Because different materials convey different visual effects and psychological feelings. So in the end, it was decided to use milky white semi frosted glass for the large umbrella shaped lampshade, as it can convey a sense of fashion and lightness. The small umbrella shaped lampshade uses electroplated metal to convey a sense of modernity.

Next, the production team rushed to the Lighting Accessories City in Guzhen, Zhongshan City with the drawings to purchase the materials required for the lamps that match the size, including umbrella lampshades, crystals, transformers, G4 lamps, and connecting wires.
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