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Track Panel Light for Porsche Stores in Germany
Time: June 29th, 2019
Client: Porsche Flagship Store in Germany
Object: Big-boxes Chain Stores
RISE LIGHTING Series: ARCTIC SYT8008-60W-4000K 90 degree DALI Dimmable
Rise Lighting collaborated with a German company on an engineering project of a tall building
Rise Lighting collaborated with a well-known German company on an engineering project: A few months ago, the German company took on a project related to the exterior and interior lighting of a tall building.
Analysis of Sample Design for SYT6100 "Egg shaped" Magnetic Absorption Track Lamp
The design of this lamp is mainly based on eggs as the design element, integrating the perfect arc of eggs into the lamp head of the magnetic absorption track lamp, forming a unique spotlight appearance.
LILY LED IP65 Downlight for Hotel Bathroom in Spain
The LILY IP65 led downlight has a perfect water-proof ability, it can used in many ways, such as outdoor, outside corridor, bathroom, swimming room or others. Its elegant designation also attracts people's love.
Grille Panel Light for Big Supermarket in America
There are a lot of supermarkets in America, most of the supermarkets decorated with the grille panel lights. Our grille panel lights is UGR 16, with high quality and slim designation for you to choose.
Application of SKY series floor lamps in Malaysian home decoration companies
Floor lamps are essential items in home life, and the lighting atmosphere they provide is very unique. A good floor lamp is a good helper for home life. SKY floor lamp is the main role in today's topic.
A Case Study on the Application of SNAIL Series Downlight in a Chain Snack Shop in the Netherlands
LED downlight is a widely used lamp in modern society, and its excellent focusing effect makes it widely used in multiple retail stores.
A Case Study of Ceiling Lamps in Commercial Lighting in Australia
Ceiling lamps are widely used in commercial lighting and can be applied in various commercial places, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. The following is a case study of ceiling lamps in commercial lighting.
Grille Panel Light for Chain Stores in Singapore
Time: Nov 29th, 2020
Client: Chain Store in Singapore
Object: Chain Stores
RISE LIGHTING Series: Galaxy CVL6060-36W 4000K