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SKY FLOOR LAMP-Light Up Your Sweet Home!
SKY uplighting floor lamp is the best choice of floor lamps in the living room, it is a step into the new era of modern lighting, perfect for both home and office lighting. Its stunning white/black finish and slim, innovative design make it the perfect LED upgrade for any location. Sleek and slender, this lamp can fit in even the smallest of locations such as a living room or bedroom corners, next to couches or recliners or to brighten up game rooms and man caves.
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The Effect of Tunable White Lighting On Your Daily Life
More and more architects and building managers are understanding the benefits of lighting to our health and well-being. RISE tunable white solutions are designed to help maximize the influence of lighting on your daily life.
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Products Releases: New Troffer LED Panel and Low Glare Luminaires of RISE LIGHTING
The Galaxy office panel light solutions are flexible enough to accomplish these goals in a range of office types, from open or closed rooms and meeting halls to lobbies and utilities.
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New Arrivals - Wattages & CCT Tunable Slim Pantrack
ARCTIC LED Track Panel Light is designed to replace Storeset fixtures, which use strong die-casting aluminum materials with Tesla integrated structure, 150lm/w super high lighting efficiency. Wattage Adjustable 40W-55W-75W and CCT Tunable from 3000K-4000K
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