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Efficient Lighting for Educational Institutions in United Arab Emirates
Commercial lightings Create a Vivid Lighting Environment in schools
Time: May 1st, 2019
Client: School
Object: school Gym
RISE LIGHTING Series: PATIO Series SYD9460 downlight, Surface IP65 ceiling light SYC9015, DRUM series wall light SYW9020, ARCTIC
A Case Study on the Application of PAVO Floor Light in a Singapore Park
A park is a place for people to relax, entertain, and exercise. In order to improve the safety and aesthetics of the park, floor mounted lights can usually be used for lighting and decoration.
A Case Study on the Design of Outdoor Lighting Series Luminaires from Rise Lighting
Rise Lighting has designed a series of outdoor lighting fixtures for a city park in Portugal. The design goal of this plan is to improve the nighttime safety of the park and enrich the diversity of park life.
A Case Study on the Application of Landscape Lights in Greek Outdoor Parks
Landscape lights are an important component of outdoor lighting, and using them well for scene layout can have unexpected impacts.
Landscape Lights for Home  Project in Greece
Landscape Lighting Highlight The Way Home
Time: Dec 1st, 2020
Client: Mehmet Assad
Object: House
RISE LIGHTING Series: DRUM wall light SYW9020 SYW9215, PAVO landscape light SYF6801, OAG090012, etc.