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Customized lighting for large reception areas in USA
Our company has completed a cooperation with an American company, and the linear customized line lights have produced perfect lighting effects in this large reception room.
Application of track panel lights in Italian companies
Track panel lights are a new type of lighting product that provides high-quality lighting effects. Track panel lights have the characteristics of high efficiency and energy conservation, and are widely used in commercial lighting and office lighting.
Health lighting has become an important trend in the lighting industry
Health lighting has become an important trend in the lighting industry. The lighting industry has begun to strive to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment for people.
A Case Study on the Application of Intelligent Floor Lamp in the Office
Intelligent human sensing floor lamps are an efficient and energy-saving solution in the office, combining modern technology and comfortable ecology to provide employees with a more comfortable and convenient working environment.
LED Ceiling Pendant Lighting for Office Case in Europe
LED Ceiling Pendant Lighting for Office Case in Europe
Time: Feb. 20th, 2019
Client: Office in Europe
Object: Office
LINK Linear Light for Office Project in Australia
Time: May 21st, 2020
Client: Lighting Consultant in Australia
Object: Offices
RISE LIGHTING Series: LINK Series SYL8200-45W flat, up and down lighting
Private Hospital in Hongkong
Time: Aug 25th, 2020
Client: Lighting Consultant in Hongkong
Object: Private Hospital
RISE LIGHTING Series: MOON Series SYD9318-18W; TANK Series SYC9092-20W; LINK Series SYL8200-36W
SKY FLOOR LAMP-Light Up Your Sweet Home!
SKY uplighting floor lamp is the best choice of floor lamps in the living room, it is a step into the of modern lighting, perfect for both home and office lighting. Its stunning white/black finish and slim, innovative design make it the perfect LED upgrad