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Products Releases: New Troffer LED Panel and Low Glare Luminaires of RISE LIGHTING

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Update time : 2020-12-08 11:23:36

Shenzhen RISE LIGHTING continues to re-dsign its office lighting portfolio and has announced the launch of its new Galaxy Series led troffer panel luminaires. The low glare luminaires is with UGR less than 19 for replacing conventional fluorescent lighting.

The new Galaxy Series features enhanced efficacy and long lifetime with reliability, offering warranty as low as 5 years and qualifies for maximum rebates. With an easy-to-handle form factor, installers can use existing wiring and mounting hardware for quick and simple replacement of existing linear fluorescent and T8 tube. Additionally, the troffer panel has a super high lighting efficiency - 140lm/w after diffuser, with from 5000 to 5600 lumens in 4000K or 5000K correlated color temperature (CCT). 

The best advantage is that uses all-in-one PC reflector to repalce before 8pcs oiginal grille reflectors, which it saves materials and assemble labor cost, as the same, there will be better transmittance having a higher lighting efficiency and reduce the connect gap between two reflectors but with more competitive cost.

Advantage of  the Low Glare LED Panel Light
1. Eye-catching all-in-one PC reflector to avoid the gap
2. Low glare UGR<16
3. No flickering, no UV light, high color expression, high light output efficiency, and even light distribution
4. Ultra-high light output efficiency, replaces T8/T5 with up to 85% energy saving and comfortable lighting effect.

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