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Office Lighting Solution with Led Eye Protection Floor Lamps

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Author : Rise Lighting Amy
Update time : 2024-05-27 10:15:22

Can eye protection floor lamps be used for office lighting? If possible, how can it be applied? I will introduce it for you.


Firstly, let's take a look at several factors that should be considered in office lighting solutions.


1. Make full use of natural light: 

In office lighting design, designers should try to utilize or achieve natural light as much as possible.

After millions of years of evolution, the human eye is best able to adapt to natural light. Experimental data shows that the symptoms of eye fatigue, headache, and blurred vision of employees have decreased by 84% under natural lighting conditions, greatly ensuring the physical condition and work comfort of employees, and improving work efficiency from another perspective.

This kind of eye protection floor lamp can naturally be applied to office lighting solutions, and its excellent eye protection ability and daylight mode are the best proof.

2. Anti glare: 

Preventing glare is an important step. Glare is one of the biggest enemies of office workers. It can cause significant harm to eye health, causing disgust and fatigue. Long term exposure to strong light may even cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose anti glare office lighting (UGR<19) and arrange the direction and layout of lighting reasonably.

3. Appropriate lighting:

Lighting refers to the visible light flux per unit area of the illuminated object. The unit is lux, and national regulations typically require a lowest lighting level of 300 lux for offices. Comfortable lighting in office spaces is more conducive to the work of employees.

For office lighting, the average illuminance in non working areas should not be less than half of the working area and should not be less than 200 lux.

For two adjacent workstation areas, the average illuminance ratio to the aisle next to the office should not exceed 5:1, and the illuminance in the lower area should be at least 150 lux. Otherwise, the strong contrast in brightness in the office lighting environment may cause visual fatigue for staff.

Therefore, adjustable vertical eye protection floor lamps are quite practical for office lighting!

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